Thursday, October 6, 2011


The Philadelphia Eagles are now 1-3 and dead last in the NFC East division. They now will face the Buffalo Bills (3-1) on Sunday, who were brought back down from the sky in a loss at Cincinnati. Michael Vick called out Vince Young recently for his "dream team" antics. I believe this has cursed them. They should have just kept quiet and dropped that high label. They created this target on their back and Superbowl talks immediately began. Sunday can make or break the Eagles season.

The Eagles have to win this game on Sunday. They will have to travel to Buffalo and it will be in front of a packed house. Philadelphia enters a stretch where it is now or ever. After Buffalo,  they travel to play Washington (3-1), then play Dallas (2-2) and Chicago (2-2) at home. They have to win those two division games. They do have a bye after the Washington game.

The New York Jets (2-2) will travel to play New England (3-1) on Sunday in their first match up since the playoff game earlier this year. Both teams have issued to attend too. New England's defense is ranked last in the NFL in total defense. The Jets offense has been struggling this season. Once again, questions about Mark Sanchez are rising. This is a must win game for both teams. The Patriot offense is better then the New York defense. On the other hand, the Jets offense should be able to move the ball against New England. I have a feeling that scoring will be plentiful on Sunday.

Cam Newton and Andy Dalton are both starting rookie quarterbacks. I have been very impressed with both of them so far this season. I know Cam has better stats, but Dalton has put his team in a winning position in every game. The Bengal defense is ranked #1 in total defense. Yes, this is no error. The Panthers have lost 3 games, but none were more then 7 points. Cam is what they needed and this will be a dangerous team in the future. Carolina is 1-3 on the season and the Bengals are 2-2. The Bengals travel to play Jacksonville on Sunday and the Panthers will host New Orleans.

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